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Xenics (Photonis Group) changes two product names in its advanced imaging range

31 August 2023 | News
by Katie Michael
Photonis-Crius 1280

Xenics (Photonis Group) announces that two products in its Advanced Imaging range, the IrLugX longwave infrared camera core and the IrqLa shortwave infrared camera core, have changed their trade names to respectively Crius and Aion. This decision is part of a desire to simplify the terminology used around Xenics products, to make them easier to use internationally, and in line with the product names in the Xenics product catalog. Only the names have changed, while the products retain all their specific technical features.

Crius offers long-wave SWaP infrared thermal camera cores. This makes the Crius 1280 model the most compact and lightweight of all, with exceptional resolution (12µm). The ideal solution for long-distance observation and surveillance, with a high-quality thermal profile

The Aion is a powerful camera core with highly sensitive short-wave infrared detection. It is available in various interfaces, offering a wide choice of applications in the SWIR camera

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