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Trace detection of melamine in dairy products

Photo of a glass of milk

The illicit addition of melamine to milk due to its apparent enhancement of protein content in foods attracted worldwide attention in 2008. It was discovered at this time that melamine was being deliberately added to raw milk at collecting stations in rural China. Thousands of young children and infants that consumed formula produced from melamine-tainted milk experienced kidney damage and death. As a result, both daily intake limits and increased monitoring of melamine in dairy products were established globally.

Misa (Metrohm Instant SERS Analyzer) provides quick, easy and robust detection of melamine in a complex food matrix. As a direct test with no additional reagents, Misa’s assay format requires minimal user training, in contrast to standard analytical tests for detecting melamine, including capillary electrophoresis, GC-MS, LC-MS and immune-based assays.

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