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Near Infrared (NIR) News

12 Apr 2022

The Awards Committee of the Council for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (CNIRS) is requesting nominations and submissions for four award categories.

6 Apr 2022

Si-Ware has announced a partnership with NutriControl Analytical Solutions, a laboratory network based in the Netherlands serving the animal feed, dairy and food sectors.

2 Mar 2022

Process Insights has acquired Guided Wave, which will join Process Insights’ existing broad portfolio of brands and technologies for process analytics, monitoring and control.

Photo of a policeman holding a breathalyser
24 Jan 2022

fNIRS can determine impairment from cannabis intoxication and could be used as a “breathalyser” on drivers.

14 Jan 2022

KPM Analytics has acquired Bruins Instruments, a manufacturer of high-resolution near infrared reflectance and transmission analysers.

12 Jan 2022

The fusion reflectance and transmission NIR spectra can improve predictions of the three main components of rice flour.

22 Nov 2021

NIR spectroscopy is used to monitor the drying of coated apple chips in an investigation to encourage their consumption by children.

2 Jun 2021

Senorics GmbH, a spin-off from the University of Technology Dresden (TU Dresden) and a startup in the ZEISS Ventures Portfolio has successfully closed a new financing round.

26 Mar 2021

NIR-HSI is non-invasive and can be used to quantify fat content in liver aiding medical research and the diagnosis of liver diseases.

25 Mar 2021

KPM Analytics has partnered with AB Vista to provide their NIR analysis solutions with the Aunir calibration database.

8 Mar 2021

trinamiX and Viavi Solutions have announced a joint development agreement to build an NIR spectrometer module for integration into consumer devices.

4 Feb 2021

Portable NIR technology can quantify the levels of amygdalin, the compound responsible for the bitter taste of almonds, on an industrial scale.

18 Dec 2020

Researchers in the UK and USA have used functional near infrared spectroscopy to discover that the cocoa flavanols found in chocolate improve brain oxygenation and cognition in healthy adults.

4 Dec 2020

Functional near infrared spectroscopy has been used to identify tinnitus in patients.

12 Nov 2020

Researchers have developed a new imaging spectrometer that is much lighter and smaller than state-of-the-art instruments while maintaining the same high level of performance. Because of its small size and modular design, the new instrument has obvious applications to airborne vehicles and even planetary exploration missions.

2 Nov 2020

Mass spectrometry, XRF and NIR spectroscopy are being used together with voltammetry to determine the origin of ancient ceramic fragments.

17 Aug 2020

NIR reflectance spectral maps of heart tissue can distinguish between fat and muscle tissue in the heart and could help improve delivery and monitoring of ablation therapy.

10 Jun 2020

Using a smartphone camera and spectral super-resolution spectroscopy, anaemia and blood disorders can be assessed outside the lab.

4 May 2020

Södra, a pulp producer in Sweden, is installing its second FITNIR analyser for online pulp liquor monitoring.

16 Mar 2020

A vis/NIR spectrometer developed by EU researchers allows food producers to better monitor their products for the presence of acrylamide.