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21 September 2023 | News
by Katie Michael

PHOTONIS GROUP, a global leader in highly differentiated technology for detection, imaging and light, held by Groupe HLD since 2021, is profoundly transforming by developing adjacent technologies and expanding to particle detection markets. Following that strategy, the group has acquired four companies (Xenics, Proxivision, Telops and Elmul) since December 2022. The worldwide leader in image intensifier tubes, the company has diversified its technologies and product portfolios to become the worldwide leader in detection and imaging technologies. To illustrate that strategy, PHOTONIS GROUP becomes EXOSENS.

Proposing electro-optic devices covering the full optical spectrum from UV to LWIR in addition to electron, ion, neutron and gamma detectors, EXOSENS addresses four markets: life science, industrial control, nuclear energy and defence. The company takes benefits from positive dynamics in each of these four verticals, such as enhanced diagnosis demand, factory automation, small modular reactors deployment and defence budget increase.

The four product brands Photonis (for intensified products, nuclear and mass spectrometry detectors), Xenics (for infrared sensors and cameras), Elmul (for electron detectors) and Telops (for hyperspectral and cooled infrared camera) will continue to be deployed and promoted in their markets.

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