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Jeti Technische Instrumente New portable Spectroradiometer–Specbos 2501

8 November 2023 | Product
by Katie Michael

JETI presents its latest product, the Specbos 2501, a spectroradiometer that is characterized by its compact design and high measurement speed. JETI products offer the best system parameters for stray light suppression and system stability in their class.

The Specbos 2501 relies on proven technologies with optimized and more powerful components from renowned manufacturers. Decisive innovations include an extended wavelength range from 200 to 1000 nm, a spectral resolution of 4 nm for the basic models and 2 nm for the high-resolution version (HiRes). Data is exchanged either via the USB-C, Bluetooth or LAN/PoE interfaces. A robust aluminium housing enables reliable measurement operation in industrial applications and harsh environments.

Common to all models are the high measurement sensitivity, simple installation and operation, NIST-traceable calibration, and the supported modes for measuring radiance and irradiance (with optional diffuser). The specbos 2501, specbos 2501-HiRes and specbos 2501-NIR models are particularly suitable for the calibration of broadcast monitors, the colour matching of digital projectors, the measurement of weighted spectra and extended light sources such as OLEDs, as well as spectral measurement in goniometers. The Specbos 2501-HiRes is particularly suitable for measuring laser projections and displays.

The Specbos 2501-UV model will also be available from February 2024.

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