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ACD/Labs Releases v2022 Software Update

5 December 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

ACD/Labs has announced the release of version 2022 software applications on the Spectrus® platform, and updates to Percepta® platform software. The release of v2022 provides functionality for machine-readable structured output, which has the potential to assist stakeholders in R&D organisations with aspirations to digitalise laboratory workflows, reduce the degree of document-driven decision-making, and mitigate the risk of manual data transposition. Key highlights in this batch release include: NMR—a new optimised non-uniform sampling (NUS) data processing algorithm and tools to help report the most accurate results; MS—introduction of tools for quantitative analysis and the ability to use the NIST MS search in spectral searching; Nomenclature—expansion of language support; Name now supports chemical nomenclature in 21 languages; Capabilities to export data in machine readable formats to support proliferation beyond the Spectrus environment (e.g., JSON and XML).

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